Plovis Nathrand

Recently Rescued citizen of Refuge


Tall and lean, from months of captivity. He has now short white hair and bright blue eyes.


Plovis was visiting Arcanum when he was swept up into the dungeons for committing “heresy”, as he inquired to the wrong person where he could find a local temple that wasn’t of the city’s prevaling religion. He thought he would never see the sunlight again but was recently rescured by Tiberius, Arthan, and Didymus. He has recently returned to his small farm and into the active duty in the militia, vowing to die fighting any incursion by the city, knowing all too well what fate awaits them if they ever are captured. He was once a professional soldier from a nearby country. He’s middle aged, possibly into his 50’s, but in decent shape. He has spent time oiling and cleaning his mail and leather, and putting an edge again to his sword.

Plovis Nathrand

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