Didymus Zvinglis

Wandering Paladin Cartographer


Didymus looks like a common traveling swordsman. He is actually one of the Cursed, a paladin and aspires to map the ever-changing wilds of the world. He is friendly and warm to the trustworthy, but an agent of the Wanderer who is the sworn enemy of evil.


Didymus was a very young boy when he and his family died in a great fire. When he was reborn, none would take him in. He was fortunate enough, however, to be adopted by an elderly Plamari couple who took pity on the twice cursed boy. They added Didymus to their small community which spanned a mere three wagons, and raised him along the crumbling roads of the world.

Didymus came of age shortly after his adoptive parents died. It was at this point that he decided to strike out on his own, and took a position as a captain’s servant aboard the Setting Star. He lived on the sea aboard the merchant vessel where he learned to be ship’s navigator within two years.

Many of his shipmates venerated the Wanderer- though an obscure god, he was a natural fit for their lifestyle. When Didymus learned about this god to seemed to be destiny. He immediately sought out to learn as much of the mysterious god as he could. Religion ultimately called him away from the sea to become a devotee of the Wanderer’s.

Didymus Zvinglis

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