Tag: The Cursed


  • The Cursed

    After the gods left a certain amount of individuals began resurrecting from the dead each time they were killed. Though first thought to be anointed, these people were soon generally regarded as a blight on the land. Each death marks the Cursed with a …

  • Didymus Zvinglis

    Didymus was a very young boy when he and his family died in a great fire. When he was reborn, none would take him in. He was fortunate enough, however, to be adopted by an elderly [[The Plamari | Plamari]] couple who took pity on the twice cursed boy. …

  • Glowron

    He kidnapped [[:tanith | Tarith]], convinced she was marked by Iralia to be her conduit. Glowron demanded to tutor her in Iralia's ways in exchange for the girl's freedom.