Gambler turned Homesteader of Refuge


Tall and thin, black and white hair and dark skinned, perhaps in his early 50’s. Dressed in once fine clothes, with a dagger at one side and a hand crossbow at the other, a poncho thrown over the whole ensemble makes him look more local than he used to be in years past.


Gaspard became a regular of Refuge, not from Arcanum but from somewhere to the West. He was an inveterate gambler, risk-taker, and some say adventurer before he arrived in Refuge. A seemingly gruff and distant person at first, he has an off-putting demeanor but is known in the settlment as a man of compassion and character. He has developed a basic level of agricultural independance and is known to also be a competant woodworker. Rumours also have it he is a crack shot with his crossbow as well as one of the best gamblers on this side of the continent, neither have been proven or disproven.


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